2045 LRTP Content

First Step – The Vision

Understanding the vision of what Broome-Tioga metropolitan region can be in 2045 sets the stage for the LRTP. We gathered input from many sources to help shape the Vision Statement: public events [link to Events tab], the LRTP Stakeholder Working Group, the LRTP Steering Committee, and the BMTS Planning and Policy Committees. We asked two questions: “What do you want this region to be in 25 years?” and “What do you think transportation will look like by 2045?” Based on all of the input, the following Vision Statement was adopted by the BMTS Policy Committee:



In 2045, the BMTS region will be recognized as a great place to live. People of all ages, abilities, and economic status will be able to travel safely and reliably throughout and beyond the region with access to destinations that meet their needs and desires. Technology and public policy will make transportation services available to all and provide efficient mobility for people and goods by whatever mode they choose.

Second Step – Goals, Objectives, and Measures

Once there is a vision of the future, the next step is to develop a roadmap of how we are going to get there. What actions should be taken, and what projects are a priority for investment to make progress on reaching the vision? The roadmap begins with Goals, which are broad statements of BMTS’ priorities. These are supported by Objectives, which are focused and measurable, Objectives are accompanied by performance measures, which document the progress that is being made.

  • Our Communities.  What transportation improvement can make our communities the places we envision?
  • Our Economy. How can transportation best support the kind of economy we want for the region?
  • Our Environment. How can we make sure that the actions we take contribute to preserving and protecting the natural and built environment?
  • Technology. In an era of rapidly evolving transportation technology, how do we make the best choices?

Click on the table below to enlarge the full list of objectives and measures for each goal.